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After the presidential election in 2016 in the United States, a poem was inspired. That poem developed into “Nothing To Say”, a Celtic-style stomper on the precarious state of democracy. The welfare of all people, every other animal on Earth, and the environment, is under attack by greed, the root of all evil. The illusion of stability is a convenient fiction created by demagogues and charlatans. Unfortunately, human nature dictates that some will always accept these comforting lies, as they are easier to digest than complex, bare, cold facts. The educated, aware, and inspired youth must struggle to lead the world out of selfishness and the thirst for power back into enlightenment and the balanced, measured prosperity of all life on Earth. And if you aren’t paying attention and refuse to take part, then you’ve no stake in the game, and when you lose everything, you’ve got nothing to say.


Well he brought the…
Animals out of their rotten core
He riled up emotions he promised you more
Guaranteed your safety by his own ends
But you can’t bomb people and make them your friends

He’s the TV magician, pulling peace out his hat
With more and more guns and perpetual combat
A war that never ends with the enemy de jour
Destruction is final and mutually assured

Everyone is our enemy, that’s what he said!
Militant guerillas hiding under my bed
Oh where’s my big rifle, I mean my widdle binkie
He made me so scared I think I made a stinkie

You ignorant fools, you’ve been taken for rides
Could not see the danger that lingers inside
All the lofty ideals and the trickle-down hope
But they didn’t give you gold, they just gave you a rope

This is what you get when you sleep on your rights
We all lose the fight you got nothing to say
This is what you get for your complacency
Cut down easily you’ve got nothing to say
This is what you get cause you didn’t come out
You get punched in the mouth you got nothing to say
This is the world that you pushed aside
Better open up wide you got nothing to say

You sat this one out said it can’t affect me
I got a good job, I’m protected, you’ll see
Way up on the food chain, I’ll always make-do
It’s a matter of time ‘til they get down to you

You just pout in the corner a petulant child
While your rights are stolen your person defiled
Maybe next time you’ll wake up before it’s too late
Fight for what you love and not what you hate


Your first draft pick lost and yeah that’s a shame
You quit when the other team’s still playing the game
And just when you took your eyes off the ball
That’s when you noticed that they screwed us all

I’m sure you’ll be stunned when you’re not at the top
With the King on his throne with his power non stop
You’ll be with the people here at the bottom
While he laughs in your face and says damn we sure got ‘em


Well this is a brave new world that we have to live in
I wish I could say that I share your optimism
I guess we will all find out what happens at the end of the day
But I won’t say any more because I have nothing left to say.


from FOXBAR - FOXed up Beyond All Recognition, released April 28, 2019
Written by Todd Guilmette
Mixed at the Fox Den, Philly
Mastered by Arjan Rietvink in Baarn, Netherlands.
Copyright 2016 by Todd Guilmette


all rights reserved



greatFox Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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