Playing Hard To Get

from by greatFox

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(I'm gonna drop the F bomb right off the bat--)

Fuck I don’t give - I don’t give a fuck
Fuck I don’t give - I don’t give a fuck fuck

I don't wanna hide myself to get these other guys to have some kinda feelings bout me
I don’t wanna change my body and the way that I get naughty just to have a party
I’m not gonna kiss your ass even if you fuckin' ask just to get some nookie
Pinky twinkie with a horse hung dinkie looky-looky whaddaya want, a cookie?

I’m not feeling any better with a diaper and some leather when we get together
I don’t feel any connection even though we have erection while we use protection
If you can’t get to my mind you’re not giving me the sign I don’t have the time
This shit is not what it seems I’ma bail from the scene I don’t need the peen

Trying to act a little coy delicate boy toy what a fuckin' ploy
Get a little bit excited don't fight it if you got a smoke better light it
Trying to get up in the crack but I hit em in the sac ain’t no talkin' back
Now you go into a rage when I go to disengage fuckin' act your age!

It might be all about the chase and a little bit of grace but I want a taste
Haven't had it in so long even if we get along I just want the dong
Got me up against the wall till we get the last call damn I want it all
You could hump me like a rabbit you faggot lemme have it dagnabbit

Don't look em in the eyes - We're playin' hard to get
Give em the cold shoulder - We're playin' hard to get
Look all nonchalant - We're playin' hard to get
Lead em around like a dog - We're playin' hard to get
Just string them along - We're playin' hard to get
I ain’t buyin you a drink - We're playin' hard to get
Who the hell is this now? - We're playin' hard to get
Slap em around like a pimp - We're playin' hard to get

Now my body's all tight and it feels alright we can go all night
I'm not even that drunk it'll be a slam dunk if you got the spunk
I make it deep no lie I wanna hear you cry before we say goodbye
I wanna see you shuffle while we do the body snuffle luffle luffle

Bobbin up and up and down makin little mouse sounds like an ass clown
On your hands and your knees let me have the dick please baby baby please
Now he’s humping on my leg but before I lick the eggs better clean the smeg!
Don't you dare let it drop if you take it to the top you better not stop


from Leftovers, released October 5, 2017


all rights reserved



greatFox Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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